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While focusing on benefits like productivity improvements, scalability, and solving cross-departmental issues is a great way to make the case for quality, nothing beats a clear ROI figure. 

Join our live webinar to: 
  • learn exactly how much a QMS can save you 
  • assess the impact of any quality-related investment 
  • see how you can use software to reduce waste, save time and significantly improve your FTR percentage. 

Your host for this webinar: 
Gerben de Haan is CPO and Co-founder of AlisQI, the no-code Quality Management platform for manufacturing. Gerben leads our product development teams and focusses on incorporating the voice of the customer in the AlisQI solution, as well as on product innovation. He holds a MSc in Business Information Technology from Twente University, Netherlands.
Presentation by
Gerben de Haan

Duration - 45 minutes
30 minutes presentation followed by 15 minutes Q&A

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